Artist's Statement  


 The current series of paintings delve into the play of reflected light on water and various other surfaces. I'm fascinated by the fleeting illusions that dance across a liquid canvas, enriching colors through movement and distorting the ordinary into abstract beauty. Whether it's a canal boat in Venice, a pier, or a humble outboard motor at a local marina, each moment is a surprise, a unique gift. These captured scenes, born from the fusion of light and water, are never replicate exactly, offering a transient yet heightened experience of realality. I term this phenomenon "abstract reality," a realm where saturated colors, bold lines, and shapes converge to unveil the enchanting dance of fractured light, revealing surprising contrasts and fantastical forms. 


Jaren Dahlstrom, an internationally acclaimed and award winning artist hailing from California, USA, has dedicated over two decades to his series of "abstract reality" paintings. Born in San Francisco in 1945, Jaren has been immersed in the world of drawing and painting since childhood.  With an AA in fine art from Contra Costa College and a rich academic journey through Art Center College of Design, California College of Arts and Crafts, and Cal State University Hayward. Jaren brings a wealth of artistic expertise to his cre;ations.  

Inspired by the interplay of reflections and light on water, he observed during his upbringing near San Francisco Bay, Jaren's "abstract reality" paintings explore this surrealistic realm.  These fractured light paintings explore the concept of reflections generating abstracted images, resulting in surprising contrasts, intense colors, and familiar-yet-new compositions.  

Employing computer manipulation to distort reflective photos, Jaren enhances the abstraction, recently adding geometric shapes to these digitally transformed images.  His  meticulous process involves creating numerous iterations, sometimes exceeding two dozen, before schieving the desired results. The final touch involves producing a digital print, serving as the foundation for the completed painting. 

Jaren's artistic journey has seen numerous solo and group exhibition exhibitions, with his work finding a home across California, national, and European collections. Notably, his creations have earned a place in the permanent collection of the New York Forlk Art Museum in New York City, NY.  Jaren Dahlstrom continues to captivate audiences with his innovative approach to the intersection of art, light, and reflection.   



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